Benefits of Reformer Pilates, Pilates Chairs & Other Equipment

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates Equipment provides you with beautifully crafted Pilates Reformer Equipment to make your Pilates sessions an absolute pleasure. While it’s true to say that you’ll still be doing all the hard work in terms of your Pilates workout, your state-of-the-art Pilates exercise equipment will help you build the lean, toned body of your dreams.

Reformer Pilates Equipment – Why Practice Pilates Over Other Exercise?

Reformer Pilate

Reformer Pilates Equipment is often asked by newbies to the practice of Pilates why it’s become so popular among health devotees. The truth is that there are numerous benefits to maintaining a regular Pilates’ routine. And our top-of-the-market Pilates reformer equipment make the following benefits so much more achievable over solely using floor work in your Pilates’ sessions.

Most significantly, through Pilates you’ll enjoy a revitalizing workout that focuses on your mind, body and soul for a holistic approach to your well-being. And as most Pilates devotee will attest to you’ll also gain a strengthened inner core for improved overall bodily support.

The Reformer Pilates system is quite unique as it is a whole body system which uses the core principals of Concentration, Alignment, Breathing and Core Connection. Here are just some of the positive health benefits of regular use:

  • There is no impact on the joints so it can be adapted to suit injuries and rehabilitation work, enhancing recovery and strengthening weakened muscular structures.
  • The reformer will compliment your regular fitness activities , creating body awareness and maintenance – less injuries.
  • Strengthening deep postural muscles, creating improved posture which will make you look and feel better
  • Better breathing
  • Create core strength
  • Balance out the body structure – are you stronger or dominant left of right side?
  • Heightened flexibility

Benefits To Doing Pilates At Home

Pilates is an increasingly popular fitness routine, especially among women. Targeting the flexibility, toning and core balance, this exercise gains countless fans across the globe.

One of the good things about Pilates is doing each routine can be easily done at the comfort of your own home. Gather your friends and do a group Pilates program or attend sessions in fitness centers. You can conduct this routine wherever you prefer.

Doing Pilates

  • The Good:

Many individuals prefer exercising at home. If you choose to do the same, be sure to know first the advantages and disadvantages of practicing this routine in your house to properly set your expectations.

Pilates at home offers a wide array of advantages.

People who are novice in Pilates prefer home sessions since no one will see their workout. As beginners, they are shy in doing the movements, especially if advanced or experienced session mates are around. This is one of the benefits to doing Pilates at home individuals note on top of their list.

Schedule is a common excuse in working out. Pilates centers set schedules for their sessions, but not everyone finds them to fit in his or her schedule. Exercising at home, however, allows you to workout regardless of your schedule. Free your schedule to give way to this wonderful exercise that you’ve always wanted to do for a healthier body.

Pilates, unlike other workout routines, doesn’t require you to buy expensive and bulky equipment. All you need is your body and a mat for a better workout routine. Several beginner’s guide to Pilates are available online for free. If you want to get more challenging workouts, buy DVDs prepared by experts online or from sport store in your area. DVDs are still way cheaper than buying those thousands of dollars worth equipment sold today.

In addition, the benefits to doing Pilates at home when it comes to money extend to the place where you workout. You don’t have to pay for Pilates membership class or use of their facilities, which saves you money in working out.

  • The Bad:

Home Pilates offers superb benefits. However, it also has some downsides that you may want to consider.

You’re most likely to do the workout on your own, unless you can find an instructor willing to conduct your home session. Without supervision, you’re prone to doing the program correctly and decrease the routine’s effectiveness.

The famous downside is your home is disengaging to do this routine. Pilates is also known for its relaxing effect, which is the reason why centers are designed to promote comfort and relaxation. Your home is full of distractions that lead to not doing your routine or giving up soon.

You should always consider the pros and cons to doing Pilates at home. It has benefits but with noted disadvantages to avoid. Think carefully before making your choice to ensure you’ll get the best workout that you need.

The Benefits of the Pilates chairs – Wunda chairs

Pilates chair

  • Improves strength, balance and posture
  • Gives support to beginners and those recovering from injuries
  • Engages back and abdominal stabilizers
  • Allows multi planor movements (flexion, bending extension, side bends rotation, twists and circumduction).
  • Exercises can be performed whilst sitting, kneeling, standing or lying on or off the chair

The Benefits of Mats Pilates

  • Core strength, control and stability
  • Core focus encompasses trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle
  • Corrects muscular imbalances which contribute to injuries
  • Improved posture and flexibility
  • Varying intensities from beginner to advanced levels
  • More effective breathing
  • Longer, leaner more toned muscles
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Low impact so suitable for rehabilitating injuries
  • Flatter abdominal

The Benefits of Fitness Pilates

  • Is a fitness system using low impact movements
  • Can be executed with or without equipment
  • May be used for rehabilitation or specific sports training
  • Builds stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Correct breathing and controlled movements

The Benefits of Yoga

  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Better Breathing
  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Is a whole body practice
  • Leaves you feeling calm and refreshed
  • Increased mental clarity and concentration
  • Targets tension, stress, anxiety
  • Strengthens your body
  • Helps alleviate certain conditions such as tightness and bad back

The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates and Yoga

  • Physically fit women recover quicker after birthing
  • Strengthens the important muscles women use in pregnancy and labour
  • Is not too strenuous, adapts to body’s abilities
  • More energy, improved muscle tone and posture
  • Promotes core stability, body awareness and breath control

Things To Look For When You Find Home Gyms On Sale

Home Gyms

Home Gym Ratings Should Include Motivation Factor

Durability, functionality, user options, comfort features and even warranties on equipment often come into play when people are reviewing ratings on home gyms for purchase, for professional critiques and even during after-the-buy reports from past customers. One thing, however, that often isn’t brought into home gym ratings is the “motivation factor.”

It’s a simple fact even the best rated, top of the line piece of home fitness equipment won’t do a buyer much good if they’re not used. A great fitness routine takes time to perfect and time for results to happen. This means the machine must be used, or even if it’s the best, it’s useless to the buyer. Since inspiration is psychological, Gold’s gym equipment is a great choice.

Machines in the Gold’s gym line just by brand name alone help a user conjure up images of well-trained, muscular users. The gym itself is a favorite of body builders and is famous for its fitness and training programs and even its home machines. The machines sold for home use have received solid ratings, and the equipment is well rounded to help a buyer perform the exercises each piece of equipment is intended to assist with.

What’s even better about Gold’s gyms or any home exercise equipment that psyches a buyer’s motivation level high is the fact that often the only thing standing between a person and fitness is inspiration. If a machine inspires, that’s a great added bonus.

The problem with adding motivation factor to a rating system, however, is the extreme subjectivity. What motivates one person might not another. So, after you’ve looked at the nuts and bolts of different machines, find the one you can truly picture yourself using on a regular basis. If you can literally “see” yourself getting into shape with a gym such as Gold’s gyms lending a hand or two, consider this when equipping homes with private gyms.

Work Out at Home With Bowflex Home Exercise Gyms

Working out at home can easily turn into boredom when you don’t have access to the variety of exercise equipment found at the local gym. But now there are new home exercise gyms that will let you achieve a new freedom – freedom from boredom when exercising at home.


The new Bowflex(R) Revolution(TM) home workout gym offers fitness buffs hundreds of different exercises through an innovative resistance technology first used to help astronauts maintain their muscle and bone mass in space. This space technology is now available in a total fitness gym featuring a space-saving design offering exercisers a variety of workouts.

Space-age resistance technology has been turned into an exercise gym that offers a nearly endless variety of exercise options for everyone who trains at home. The Bowflex Revolution(TM) home gym offers people the chance to improve their physique by working out every part of their body. The smooth and natural feel of this versatile unit is ideal for people who want the equivalent of an entire circuit of workout equipment available to them at home.

The Bowflex Revolution exercise gym uses patented SpiraFlex(R) technology, which creates resistance within light-weight canisters that look like free weight plates. SpiraFlex technology was first used on the International Space Station where astronauts can lose nearly 20 percent of their bone and muscle mass during a 4-6 month space odyssey without doing regular workouts. “Bowflex Revolution home gyms will help millions of men, women and youth maintain muscle and bone mass over a lifetime,” said Jerry Linenger, M.D., a 50-year-old former NASA astronaut and sports medicine physician who spent 132 days in space in 1997 on Space Station Mir.

These new Bowflex Revolution(TM) exercise gyms allow users a comfortable workout while gaining experience in performing hundreds of different workouts. Exercises include rowing, curls, preacher curls, chest press, leg curls, leg extensions, and leg press workouts. The home gym generates up to 300 pounds of resistance, and up to 600 pounds of leg press resistance. Its independent moving arms adjust to 10 different positions offering more user flexibility and comfort. The Bowflex Revolution(TM) is portable, folds and rolls for easy storage, and has a lower vertical profile so it can fit in rooms with low ceiling heights.

Fitness Center Equipment – Suitable for Home Use?

Many of us gain our first experience with exercise machines in our local gym or fitness center, as we often begin exercising in a commercial setting before we decide on purchasing a machine to equip our home gym. But because our experience is based on fitness center equipment, machines that are specifically designed with a commercial setting in mind, this can distort slightly our expectations of what we can expect to practically buy for our home.

Commercial exercise equipment is manufactured with different usage trends in mind than the treadmill or exercise bike might purchase for your home gym. Equipment for commercial centers will invariably be exposed to many more exercisers, and be used almost constantly, so it needs to be extremely durable and long lasting. A piece of home fitness equipment, in comparison, is likely to be used only by one or two people, perhaps at most once every day. For this reason, while you might love the treadmill that you use at your local health center, there is no need for you to invest in commercial machines for exercising at home.

Another consideration in choosing fitness equipment for the best home gyms is space – we don’t want to buy a machine that will take over our home. Once again, commercial standard exercise machines are usually bulkier than machines designed for home use, so it doesn’t make sense to look at health center machines to equip your home gym.

Many manufacturers of commercial exercise machines, however, make equipment specifically for home use, so the chances are that if you have used a particular brand at your local fitness center, there will be a home model available that is more compact and less expensive. So if you’ve exercised on a particular treadmill or elliptical at your gym, you can translate that experience to your home, by checking out what the manufacturer of your favorite machine has to offer in their home exercise equipment range.

Things To Look For When You Find Home Gyms On Sale

Home gyms can be quite expensive, selling from as little as several hundred to several thousand dollars. Exercise equipment doesn’t always have to break your budget. If you take your time when shopping, you can sometimes find best home gyms on sale. On the more expensive exercise equipment, you can often save a few hundred dollars when gyms go on sale.

Before looking for sales on exercise home gyms, take some time to research the various brands and models on the market. Become familiar with the features available and decide which you really need and those you can do without. Knowing what you want for your exercising needs can save time and money. Buying a gym just because it is on sale can be disastrous if you end up with something you won’t use or even worse, a gym that doesn’t have the ability to accommodate the exercises you need for your workout.

Determine your overall exercise budget for your purchase. Knowing your price range helps focus your search for good home gyms. Set a price range rather than a strict dollar amount. This is important because you may find a gym that is selling for a few hundred dollars more than you wanted to spend. If it has most of the features you want for exercising and is on sale, it may be well worth the added expense.

Make a list of your fitness goals. What are you hoping to accomplish by exercising at home? Do you want to build muscle, or tone what you already have? How much weight can you lift? How much do you want to be able to lift? The answers to these questions can help narrow your search and find the best selling exercise gym for your specific needs.

Keep your list handy as you compare models and home gym reviews. Make a note of equipment that fits your price range and exercise goals. When you have found several that fit your exercising goals, you are ready to start shopping sales. Shop in stores, catalogs and online to find the best deals on sale. Many online merchants offer free shipping on more expensive models. Look for these deals whenever possible. Home gyms are quite heavy and shipping can be costly.